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Title - Celebrations, Size - 15 x 10 feet, Material - Acrylic dry peels and fevicryl colours, Year - 2010, Location - Udaipur,Rajasthan,India

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This new site specific work "celebrations" is a collaborative work between Shyam Sunder Sen (a traditional artist) and myself.

This traditional painting, which is very common in Rajasthan, you will find mostly, on the wall of houses at the time of a wedding. In earlier times artists used earth colors to paint but now time has changed and they are using acrylic colors for more durability. This work talks about the materials used by the artist of different generational periods. I also added my dry acrylic peels to this work to express my generation. Showing how traditional painting can be fused with contemporary materials. This is the reality of India today, fusing the old with the new everywhere.

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